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Vestax VFX-1

Vestax VFX-1



Vestax VFX-1
Vestax VFX-1USB DJ effectcontrollerThe long awaited effect controller for VCI-300+ITCH, the VFX-1. An effect control unit which brings out the best in Djing with the DJ MIDI controller VCI-300+ITCH. 2 individual effect channels with 12 effects each, along with 3 control knobs to control the parameters for each effect.The VFX-1 only requires simple USB connection with your computer and runs with the power provided. Connecting the VCI-300 and VFX-1 together will activate the effect unit of serato ITCH. Special settings or any installation is not needed.Vestax VFX-1 er også kendt som: VFX1, VFX 1, VFX_1

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