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Vestax VCI-300

Vestax VCI-300



Vestax VCI-300
Vestax VCI-300 blackUSB DJ midicontrollerWANT TO BE A DJ = VCI-300, Computer and Headphones! Vestax and Serato have joined forces. Sharing their technology and compiled feedback from Pro DJ'fs and users from around the world, they have created a dedicated DJ USB MIDI / Audio system and software offering absolute control.The VCI-300 is a dedicated USB MIDI controller for the included Serato DJ software. It also comes with a built in audio interface with standard 4in/4out and headphone connection, which means all you need for DJing is the VCI-300, a laptop and a set of headphones.New features such as the [Emergency Thru Switch] offers an option of using the VCI-300 with the provided ITCH software or without the computer connected if you simply want to play music from your external CD or MP3 player. Another is the new weight reduced JOG wheel and the adjustable JOG wheel torque mechanism to avoid vibration from low frequency feedback. Vestax VCI-300 er også kendt som: VCI 300, VCI_300,. VCI300

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